Strata Units Painters in Sydney

Due to the increase of apartment, condominium and strata unit construction over the last decade, the demand for house painting service in Sydney is skyrocketing. That’s why John’s painting services Sydney is here to fulfill the increasing demand. We provide a full range of strata unit painting services including Roof tile / Metal roof (coating), High-pressure water cleaning, Replacement of damaged window sealants and annual maintenance needs.

We provide the following strata related painting services:

  • Walls & Ceilings

  • Mecalite Ceiling Spraying

  • Peeling, Cracks, Moulds Patches

  • Doors & Door Frames

  • Window Frames

  • Skirting Boards

  • Metalwork, Concrete Floor

  • Handrails, Epoxy

  • Wall Paper Removal

  • Rotten Timber Repair & Carpentry Works

Benefits of hiring a professional strata painter in Sydney

Painting your house can greatly improve the appearance of your home. It also enhances the structural stability of your home and increases the resale value. There are several reasons to hire a professional painter in Sydney for your strata painting projects. They have the experience and skills to carry out the painting projects effectively.  Here are just a few ways hiring professional strata painters to get the job done can benefit you:

  • Save you time and money

  • High-quality Painting

  • Provide written estimates

  • Licensed and insured

  • Experienced

Choose the right strata unit painting company

You need to choose the best strata painting company in the market to meet your painting needs and that is why our John’s strata painting Sydney team exists. Our team offers high-quality painting services to our strata clients. Our Strata painting job is carried out with the highest quality workmanship and professionalism. Our Strata painters are qualified and skilled with the latest technologies and are capable of using the latest equipment. We only use high-quality paint and painting equipment like scaffolding and cherry pickers to provide the best strata unit painting services in Sydney along with Residential painting services and Commercial painting services.

Why John’s Painting is the best for your Strata Unit Painting Service

  • Dedicated crew members

We consider our customers as partners in this process and earn their trust by providing a detailed budget and excellent customer service. Our team consists of highly qualified experienced Residential,  Commercial and Strata painters who enjoy their work and have the desire to put the extra effort necessary to execute a given painting job. We strive to achieve a high level of quality in our work and we are always ready to walk the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

  • One stop solution for your painting needs in Sydney

Painting an entire building can be a stressing and time-consuming job, but with our expertise, we will make the painting in Sydney, seem effortless. We are one stop solutions to all your Residential painting, Commercial painting and Strata Unit painting needs. Our goal is to provide the top quality painting services at reasonable prices and to maintain honest, fair, and transparent relationships with our clients. We also provide a wide range of maintenance work to suit your house painting needs.

  • Timely completion

Our painting experts value your time and money and are well trained to complete all strata painting projects in an effective and timely manner. Our team will meet you personally to discuss the scope of work and agree upon a fair deal that both parties are comfortable with. Your strata unit will look beautiful and your new tenants will love it!

  • Licensed painter

John’s painting is fully licensed and insured and has the best painters in Sydney. Our licensed strata painters are trained to be vigilant with your property and provide excellent workmanship.

  • Eco-friendly paint

We use paints that are eco-friendly with no harmful odours. We offer a minimum of disruption, your current tenants will not even know we are there. We provide personal consultations and our painting estimation expert understand exactly how long a Strata painting project will take.

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